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Posted on 2023-08-29

You can find all the ShipShop location working hours here: https://shipshop.com/locations/

Posted on 2023-08-29

If you have a huge number of parcels that needs to be shipped, you can always request a pickup at ShipShop. We will be sure to accommodate orders on a larger scale as well.

Posted on 2023-08-29

At ShipShop we want to make your shipping experience as seamless as possible. We do offer pickup services for all the major locations. If you are unable to book a pickup, please feel free to drop off your package at your nearest ShipShop drop off location.

Posted on 2023-08-29

We are happy to know that you would like to make your store a drop off location for ShipShop. In order to confirm the request, please get in touch with us.

Posted on 2023-04-13

We are proud to partner with third-party local businesses across Ontario, offering more Canadians access to ShipShop. While these are drop-off locations only, and not affiliated with ShipShop, customers may be subject to fees for using these services. High-volume shippers can contact us to see if they qualify for pick-up directly from their wa...

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