Why should you batch your shipments?

Posted on 2023-04-17 Updated on 2023-08-25

Organizing your shipments into batches before sending them to us is a great way to save time and ensure accuracy. This is especially useful if you are creating shipments days in advance of sending them to us. When you are ready to send us your shipments, your batch will provide us with a breakdown of the items you are expecting us to receive.

This makes it easier to identify any discrepancies and ensure no shipments are missed. By batching your shipments, our staff can quickly and easily scan your batch label and receive all your shipments simultaneously. This allows for faster tracking updates and quicker processing.

Please keep in mind that batching does not guarantee physical acceptance of your shipments. Even the smallest batch inaccuracy can have a major impact at the U.S. border, leading to shipment delays, fines and penalties. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your batches (piece counts, correct recipient information etc.). If discrepancies are found or you neglect to batch your shipments, it may result in delays to your shipments and the possibility of administrative fees. To avoid this, we recommend incorporating quality assurance checks into your workflow.

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