What is the best way to consolidate my shipments?

Posted on 2023-04-18 Updated on 2023-08-25

When you're ready to send multiple shipments to ShipShop, consolidating them is the way to go. This means combining individual shipments into one larger container or box. Consolidating shipments will help keep them together until they have been processed, and it can even save you money on postage, pickup and drop spot access fees.

To ensure your consolidated shipments remain organized, create a batch label for them. This label can also be used to identify the packages. Make sure to secure the batch label to the outside of the consolidated package(s).

When selecting packaging for consolidation, choose something that fits your shipments well and is able to protect them during transportation. Avoid using bags, as they can be easily damaged in transit, and try to avoid using large, voluminous packaging, as this can inflate postage and pickup costs.

If you're importing shipments from multiple stores or sources, you can combine them into one batch for consolidated shipments. Additionally, you can name your batches with the date and box number, e.g. Feb 8 - Box 1 of 2, Feb - Box 2 of 2, to help keep multiple consolidated packages organized.

For more tips on packaging shipments, check out our guide. Consolidating your shipments is a great way to save time and money, and ensure your shipments remain organized.

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