What happens when I have a return?

Posted on 2023-04-18 Updated on 2023-08-25

If you are a recipient of a shipment and need to return a shipment, please contact your seller to confirm their return policy.

The return process, often referred to as 'reverse logistics', follows the same journey as any other shipment. Your return will travel back to the original sender via the address on the label. You can track the return with the original tracking number or shipment ID.

If you use a ShipShop return label or new postage, you will also have a carrier tracking number to follow. Once the return is received at one of our facilities, you can view its progress in your ShipShop account.

If you manage your own returns, the shipment will be returned to the U.S. address you provided. Returns managed by ShipShop and received for processing must clear Canadian Customs before being brought back into Canada. You must submit a POA for broker approval to receive your returns, and return fees will apply. All returns must be associated with a ShipShop account. Unidentifiable returns will be disposed of or rejected.

Due to the high volume of deliveries, reverse logistics can take longer than the original delivery estimate. International returns pass through multiple customs checkpoints and carriers, which can further increase transit time. There is no return service for ShipShop International Tracked or Ascendia shipments. Returns for our Canada services require different processing.

If you need to return a shipment, please contact your seller to confirm their return policy and make sure to track the journey with the provided tracking number. For returns managed by ShipShop, you must submit a POA for broker approval and be aware of the potential for increased transit time. Make sure to associate your return with a ShipShop account to avoid rejection.

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